Londyn Luxe Massage

If you have been craving a gourmet, heart-centered experience over a 'junk food' encounter, you have met your cosmic match. 

                                                                                       Guided by our breath, sacred touch, and sounds...

 let us nurture and explore the edges of your sensory limitations. 
 Effervescent yet gentle, beauty beyond compare. I take exceptional care of myself - mind, body, and soul. 
 I have held space for thousands of clients, embracing them with unwavering dedication. In my company, you will find solace and understanding within a sanctuary where time slows and the outside world fades away. You will feel seen, heard, and held, as we journey together. 

 If diving deep into the infinite waters of Londyn is calling you, it would be my absolute pleasure to steward a thoughtfully tailored, luxury experience that surpasses your wildest dreams, and leaves an indelible mark on your memory. 
My hands are professionally trained with 8+ years of therapeutic experience. I am a personal believer in the transformative power of touch and setting my intentions to connect mind, body, and soul. Some might even claim I am a healer. 

You are cordially invited to surrender to the magic that unfolds in the presence of a skilled embodied Goddess.

Take your time and carefully explore each of my offerings and feel into the service that entices you the most. My rates reflect a level of expertise and dedication that is beyond compare. 


Londyn Express Massage (30 min)
*Best recommended for the working man on the go who wants to quickly release built up tension… Starting with a Swedish or deep tissue massage and ending with a head to body release, allow my sensual presence to take you away from reality for a bit. 

Body to Body Release Massage (30 min) 

Let’s fully explore each other’s mind- body connection to depths end. There is no such thing as too deep when receiving a deep tissue massage. Unwind and let loose. End with a full service body to body release. 

                               Express Nuru Massage (45min) “Intro to Edging Training”                                

    Using the world renowned Nuru massage gel, this is a 45-minute express highly sensual full body-to-body massage that will leave you feeling relaxed.  Get ready to slip and slide! This is the perfect intro to release control (edging) training. End with a head to body release. But ONLY when I give you permission.  

                        All Holes Sensual Swedish Massage (60 min) “Most Popular”                                                

       A sensual full body-to-body  massage that will leave you extremely relaxed. Rather than worrying about deciding which hole, you can choose between oil or lotion instead. End with a full service body to body release.

                                              Nuru Massage (60 min) "Intensive Edge Training*                            

Using the world-renowned Nuru massage gel, this is a 90 minute highly sensual full body-to-body massage that will leave you feeling relaxed. . Get ready to slip and slide! End with a full service body to body release. But ONLY when I give you permission.  

Royal Tantric Getaway ( 2 hours)  

 Embark on a journey to truly awaken your sexuality and cultivate a profound mind-body-soul connection like no other: Start with us enjoying a glass of your favorite wine you've brought along. Next lets shower together and then enjoy a NURU body to body massage for the gentleman that wants to take his time and have a full body to body release with no need to rush.

Couples (2 hours) 

I’m available for couples looking to spice things up in their relationship, or just relax and have a great time with a 3rd. Massages to start included. 

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